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  1. The Good Place: how a sitcom made philosophy seem cool
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The Good Place: how a sitcom made philosophy seem cool

Coming out of Central Florida, Hill was a high-variance player who vacillated from backfield penetrator to someone who can't hold his ground at the point of attack. When he plays with proper technique, he flashes the freakish ability that made the Cowboys' front office and coaching staff so excited to select him in the second round.

However, those snaps have been much too inconsistent up to this point. Good illustration of some of Trysten Hill's technique issues that have plagued him early in camp. Watch how he immediately springs up out of his stance. It inhibits his ability to burst out of his stance and threaten the edge.

Needs better pad level on his get-off. Hill's biggest issues come from the fact that his pad level tends to swell immediately after the ball is snapped. This saps his explosiveness off the snap and exposes his chest to blockers, and when this is combined with his tendency to play with a narrow base -- something that plagued him a lot in college -- it causes him to get displaced and turned by blockers too easily. When Hill tries to dance around blocks, he gets into trouble because he lacks the lateral agility to consistently be effective in those situations. Still, despite his inconsistency, Hill's draft slot will undoubtedly lead to him getting ample opportunities to make an impact during the regular season.

And while he's not at the point where he can be trusted to play effectively for plus snaps per game, his physical traits could enable him to be effective when used sparingly or on a pitch count. Hill's quick first step jumps off the screen.

Hill can certainly penetrate and play in the backfield. Hill is at his best when he plays with a low pad level, using his explosive hands, hips and feet to play through a blocker and penetrate the backfield. Like two-time All-Pro Geno Atkins, he needs to build his game off vertical displacement by playing through a blocker's pads. As a pass rusher, this means Hill should build his entire pass-rush repertoire around a powerful bull rush, which leverages his explosiveness and powerful hands.

When Hill plays with the proper pad level and attacks the blocker's frame, he routinely creates movement both as a pass rusher and run defender. If Hill can clean up the myriad of technical issues and do a better job of leveraging his physical gifts, he'll make a big impact sooner than later. Twitter: JohnOwning.

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A look at the NFC East entering the season. John Owning. We are currently revamping our comment system and it will return soon. By signing up you agree to our privacy policy. Stand with us in our mission to discover and uncover the story of North Texas. Elsewhere, the arc plot continues to be extremely personal for Scully and traumatic for both leads. Add Leonard Betts for a reveal connected to the ongoing arc plot. The arc plot was scaled back a little in Season Five, to make way for major developments in the movie that comes between Seasons Five and Six, but it ramped up in scale and drama towards the end of the season.

Like Season Five, Season Six focused mainly on Monster of the Week episodes rather than the increasingly unwieldy arc plot, but continued to return to the overall story for premieres, finales and sweeps episodes. Closure and its Part 1, Sein Und Zeit , are especially moving and Closure does what it says on the tin, closing a chapter of the arc plot in an emotionally satisfying if slightly cheesy way.

Everyone was very excited about the concept of a millennium back in the late s. With changes in the main cast to accommodate for the first time, Season Eight returned to the arc plot in a big way, working around actor commitments as well as the demands of the story. Add Jump The Shark for the finale to cancelled spin-off series The Lone Gunmen and for the last appearance of these significant characters on the show.

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This is, inevitably, a highly subjective list of those we think were among the best. It also features a wonderful, discombobulating-as-ever performance from the fabulous Brad Dourif, cornering the market in creepy genre serial killers. Humbug is notable chiefly as the first episode written by Darin Morgan, a member of the writing team who played a small part covered in make-up in The Host , is credited as the main writer on four episodes of the show, and has been praised to the skies by fans ever since, largely because two of his four episodes in Season Three were all-time classics.

Add Grotesque for a strong and spooky Mulder episode. Add Syzygy if you were a teenage girl in the s trust us. If you enjoy spooky ghost stories, add Elegy , which similarly refers to the arc plot but focuses on a Monster of the Week. Others yours truly included thought it was horrible and never want to watch it again.

It was apparently the first episode to get a viewer discretion warning and Fox refused to re-run it for years. So — watch at your own risk! In Season Five, the show really started playing around with its format, often highly successfully — as the extent of overlap between this list and Route 5 shows. Drive , written by Vince Gilligan and starring Bryan Cranston, will be of particular interest to fans of Breaking Bad. How The Ghosts Stole Christmas is a fun romp, while Monday goes a more serious route with the ever reliable time loop concept.

Add Tithonus for a strong Scully episode with relatively little Mulder. X-Cops sounds like it should be terrible but is really rather good, whether or not you enjoy Cops or its ilk. Add Hungry for an experiment in flipped perspective, and add Hollywood A.

Al Pacino 25 Greatest Films Ranked Worst to Best: ‘Godfather’ and more - GoldDerby

Much of Season Eight focused on the arc plot, but when the writers turned their attention to Monsters of the Week, they could still produce a cracker. In our entirely subjective opinion, obviously. Fire sees the first appearance of Jealous Scully, who reappeared every now and again throughout the run — not the best way to enjoy our heroine, but it does imply a more than professional interest in her partner. Add Beyond The Sea for more strong and heartfelt, albeit not overtly romantic, scenes between the two.

Add Duane Barry for the first part of the story continued in Ascension.

Tv News Writing Made Easy For Newcomers

Add Red Museum for some very shippy direction of the pair in an otherwise normal conversation. War Of The Coprophages and Syzygy give us Jealous Scully two episodes in a row, which is rather wearing, but there you have it. Pusher is much stronger, while the Darin Morgan-authored sections of Quagmire elevate that episode enormously. The author has been a long journalistic journey in India and USA.

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