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So when the day of my first performance came close there were no requisites left anymore. I just stood there and talked to the audience. This is how my very own style was born.

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At first I thought that this could not work at all, but the fewer requisites I used, the better it finally worked out for me. So I thought that this is what I should do: not use any requisites but talk to the audience in my very own style. Nuhr is one of the most successful cabaret artists in Germany, with more than Nuhr is regarded as a mediator between classical comedy and intelligent Stand-up comedy. In his work, he gives a critical glance to social behaviour in society and media, often satirising relationships and families.

Nuhr has also been known to caricature the typical German know-it-all. A typical example is his famous saying that is frequently quoted in forums and Newsgroups due to its very provocative nature: " Wenn man keine Ahnung hat: Einfach mal Fresse halten ", which translates to, " If you have no idea: just keep your mouth shut for once. After presenting a humorous review of the year's events in , [6] he has been broadcast on ZDF with a similar TV show at the end of every following year.

It is a compilation album with varied artists covering songs of the hip hop group from Stuttgart. In this song he played all the instruments himself and recorded it with his equipment, which he uses for radio reports otherwise. In doing so he referred to the topic soccer in an ironical way.

Furthermore, he produced weekly cabaret segments for the radio station WDR 2. In the year , Dieter Nuhr was mentor for the "ARD-Themenwoche" a special TV format, covering a weekly particular topic with an emphasis on the topic: living with death. In , Nuhr received the Jacob-Grimm-Award. The Jury praised Nuhrs way of performing and his intelligent form of cabaret.

His stage programs were eloquent and his punch lines hit. Though the main aspect of his work was not the extraordinary quality of his speeches but also his ability to perform critique with and through language and the way Nuhr invites the audience to think about how language is able to influence our thoughts and emotions.

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Dieter Nuhr is one of the few German cabaret artists who deals with the topic of radical sides of Islam in his programmes and books. The emeritus professor of theology Reinhold Mokrosch who is also speaker of the Round Table of the Religions could understand the criticism of Nuhr since he felt that it encouraged Islamophobia. Mazyek declared: "If Mr. Nuhr thinks he can interpret the Koran in a fundamentalist way for the sake of satire then he has to take responsibility for this.

However, it is not worth suing him and thus giving him free advertising.

Funny Things I Say in German (VIDEO AUF DEUTSCH!)

Lawyer Klaus Staeck , recent president of the Academy of Arts, Berlin , does not expect the complaint against the cabaret artist to be successful. Nuhr only exercises his freedom of opinion, which is taken very seriously by German courts. Begging for regular visits in jail! The question is: Does a country, that has that kind of newspapers, even need Islamists? Since "nur" means only , simply or just in German , the titles of his stand-up programs and CDs often involve puns. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

These negotiations resulted in a trilogue agreement on 13 February, More details here. Article 17 [ex Art.

Inside the maze of Wagner literature | Music | DW |

Due to the collateral damage created by the vague and overly broad wording of Article 17 [ex Art. Moreover, any complaint mechanisms will be easily bypassed if blocking is done under the pretense of a terms and conditions violation, rather than as a result of a specific copyright claim. If platforms become directly liable for user uploaded content they will arbitrarily remove content based on their terms and conditions. As a result, many creators will see their content get blocked too. And, as less platforms survive the burden of this provision, creators will have less choice on where to share their creations.

Assessment: Not true. Upload filters will become an obligation for platforms that want to enter the market. The distinction between Internet and platforms is artificial.

Satiren (Ubersetzung Von Voss) (German Edition)

There is hardly any internet service without active user involvement. The spectrum of user generated content ranges from newspaper websites, blogs and social networking sites to online forums and cloud solutions. Complaint and redress mechanisms are insufficient to cope with this problem. Expressions such as permissible parodies will be affected. Through pre-filtering obligations or increased liability for user uploads, platforms would be forced to create costly, often biased systems to automatically review and filter out potential copyright violations on their sites.

We already know that these systems are historically faulty and often lead to false positives. As a result, these platforms are likely to overblock even legal content and use automated techniques to avoid being sued, which will mean users will no longer be able to share and experience the content they were used to find online.

This proposal would require intermediaries such as Facebook and YouTube to constantly police their platforms with censorship machines, often with no human element involved in the process. It will mean that you will no longer be able to upload or enjoy the same content as you used to, as automated blocking is likely to stop legitimate content of ever making it online. The scope of application of Article 17 [ex Art. The measures required by Article 17 [ex Art.

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But what about the companies that have not raised their voice or not been heard e. WordPress, AirBnB? What about the platforms that do not exist yet but could bring the same benefit to society in the future as Wikipedia does currently? The carve outs show the collateral damage is real. The copyright rules in the European Union are extremely complex and nuanced, as evidenced by a solid body of case law from the highest European court, the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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Are you acting in a non-commercial manner? Did you use this for the purpose of criticism and are not implemented in the same manner in each EU Member State. This is far too high a cost for enforcing copyright. No filter can possibly review every form of content covered by the proposal including text, audio, video, images and software. Moreover, it is a bad idea to make Internet companies responsible for enforcing copyright law. To ensure compliance and avoid penalties, platforms are sure to err on the side of caution and overblock.

To make compliance easier, platforms will adjust their terms of service to be able to delete any content or account for any reason.

Veronika Voss

This would be a breach of freedom of expression and of privacy. The compromise reached between the EU institutions represents the worst version of all the reform drafts presented so far. Various key flaws can be identified, amongst which the fact that:. Want to be kept up-to-date? Follow FixCopyright on Twitter. Bad for Creators If platforms become directly liable for user uploaded content they will arbitrarily remove content based on their terms and conditions.

By requiring Internet platforms to perform automatic filtering all of the content that their users upload, Article 13 takes an unprecedented step towards the transformation of the Internet from an open platform for sharing and innovation, into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users. Exacerbating these concerns is the reality that content filtering technologies are not equipped to perform context-sensitive interpretations of the valid scope of limitations and exceptions to copyright, such as fair comment or reporting, teaching, criticism, satire and parody.

David Kaye UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

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I think that the overfiltering problem is huge and the norms are so vague. Article 13 is doomed to failure. The Digital Single Market Directive draft is some speculation that if we put these really strict rules in place, all the tech companies and platforms that can afford to license content will do that.