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Autisme : une rencontre exceptionnelle à l'Institut Pasteur - L'actu de l'Institut Pasteur

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The first cite in the list seems to be to a case. Also, is this the first-reference form for each of these cites, or are these subsequent-type cites in a short-form format? Frank, I was planning to post on zotero-legal a summary with French law examples. But I've always postponed this project since january. I'm happy to do it briefly now.

In French law, it's very common to cite cases with references to comments written by scholars. CE, Ass. July 19, edited July 19, Thanks for this info. A few further questions: Concerning note, point de vue, chron. Do academic comments on a case have titles, or do they just use the cite to the case as their title? You mention that the case cite often appears at the end of the series, but in both your example and in that given by CRDP Paris 1, the case cite comes at the beginning. Which is more common?

July 19, edited July 20, As you can see, it's not real "parallel citation", even if the court decision is almost always published at the end of the comments. July 20, Concerning note, point de vue, chron. Ah, I see that I misread. You mean that the actual comment or note is followed by the full text of the case. Got it. I think that the existing parallel citations mechanism could work well for this use case, with a little more fine-tuning.

One further question. Is that correct? Comparing the following two cites If so, is this the plaintiff or defendant? Separately, I'm wondering whether the journal year should be set in the volume field. Is that the semantic meaning of the year in these cites -- does each journal or reporter have a separately bound on-shelf volume for each year?

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  5. Gracile, Thanks for all of these details! From this If each of these comments were different "journal articles" in zotero UI, they will have titles: -B.

    Why should you use Wordery Specialist

    July 21, Frank and Gracil, thank you for your interesting points of view. I don't know how to use "parallel citation" even if it does not seam to be usefull for us. How do you do that? Franck, do you think that zotero will be able to support French law cases? Are you working for zotero? I am working in french private law and I never use the title of comments in law journal.

    Le livre du colon

    Gracile: Pourquoi pas. Qu'appelles-tu un translator? July 21, edited July 21, Parallel citation collapsing in the new processor just happens when it's needed.

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    When those conditions are satisfied, the "leading" matter is rendered only on the first cite in the series, and the "trailing" matter is rendered only on the last. At the user level, you don't need to do anything special; it just works. The main problem in this case is that the title will not match between the items. We wouldn't want to use any tricks to get around that, because the items really do represent different content anyway.

    Albert RUSSO

    We need an explicit marker somewhere in the data that says "this item is related to that one". I checked in the trunk version of Zotero 2. It will happen eventually, but we may have to wait awhile. Unfortunately, "parallel citation" doesn't seam to work with my zotero. Maybe I have not the right version? I'm just changing the fields "Report" and "first page" but zotero doesn't seams to link the cases even in the citation mode in Word.

    I would like to make it works because I don't use the title of the comments: I would be able to keep the same title name of the case for example for all the differents comments about it. Frank Unfortnately, it looks like full support for this style of citation will have to wait for relations the hierarchical data model thing in Zotero and CSL. Comment remplis-tu les champs dans "Affaire" actuellement? Pour ma part je mets en titre "Cass. Merci pour tes renseignements. C'est juste un peu lourd.

    Acte juridique dans zotero J'utilise zotero depuis octobre Parallel citations is implemented only in Zotero 2. Some things citing with a plugin from a shared library don't work at all yet, and because the code has not been extensively tested, there is a risk of data loss.